Guide to Growing Fruit

At one time, to grow fruit, you needed hectares of land to turn into productive orchards but thankfully, those days are long gone.

With modern breeding and grafting practices producing trees that grow on dwarf rootstocks, you can grow fruit in the smallest of gardens or even in tubs on a balcony.

Modern cultural practices have been developed enabling you to grow fruit such as peaches and nectarines against a south-facing wall.

By using the menus below, you will be taken to a page explaining all you need to know to start you growing fruit.

Fruit Index

Tree Fruit

Apples Apricots Cherries
Figs Guavas Grapefruit
Kiwi Fruit Kumquats Citrus
  (Lemons / Limes)
Mulberries Olives Oranges
Peaches / Nectarines Pineapples Pomegranates
Pears Plums/ Gauges / Damsons Quinces

Soft Fruits

Briar fruits
Blackberries / Loganberries / Hybrid Berries
Blackcurrants Blueberries
Cape Gooseberries Grapes Gooseberries

Red / White currants


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