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Basic Techniques
More Advanced
Guides on Pests and Diseases
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The Basics

This section will be of use to Novice and the more experienced gardeners.

Weed Control

How you can control weeds.

Double Digging

How to prepare beds by Double Digging

Soil pH and Lime

How to adjust the pH of your soil.


What they are and how to use them.

Seed Sowing

Hints and Tips on sowing seeds.

More Advanced Information

Once you have mastered the basics and you feel the need to learn more, read the following guides.
These are useful for all levels of gardener.


All the details on how to make perfect compost.

Crop Rotation

The theory and practice of crop rotation schemes.

Deep Bed Systems

The theory and how to create a deep bed.

Green Manures

Information on Plants to grow and their usage.

Lawns and Lawn Care

A complete lawn care guide from preparation to maintenance.


Various methods of mulching.

Organic Chemicals

Guide to various chemicals classed as organic and their uses.


A complete guide to the propagation of plants from taking cuttings to the various grafting techniques.

Worm Composting

How to compost using worms.

Guides on Pests and Diseases

Carrots and Carrot Fly

Avoid problems with carrotfly.


Ways of reducing the effects of this disease.


A complete list of diseases of Fruit, Vegetables and flowers and their symptoms and cures.


A guide to all the different pests of Fruit, Vegetables and Flowers and how to treat and prevent them.

Slugs & snails

All the information you need about slugs and snails.

General Guides

Companion Planting

A guide on what plants to grow together.

Flowers and Plants

A guide to growing flowers and plants.

Growing Potatoes in Pots

Guide on how to grow Potatoes in pots.
Growing Fruit Guides to growing fruits.

Growing Herbs

Guides to growing herbs.

Growing Vetgetables

Guides to growing vegetables.

Health & Safety in the garden

Guide to Safety in the garden

Horticultural uses of Perlite and Vermiculite

A complete guide with links to the company that manufacture them and further useful guides.

How to make an Onion String

Instructions on how to make a string of onions for storage.

Invasive Plants

A Guide to Invasive Plants
Nature and Pets Useful information about nature and your pets

Poisonous Plants

A Guide to plants poisonous to Humans

4 Easy Steps to Growing Vegetables

A short guide to growing vegetables in 4 easy steps.

Top Tips

Loads of tips and ideas of things to make from recycled material.
Water Gardening A Guide to Water Gardening

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