Guide to Safety in the garden

Did you know that around 250,000 people are injured and between 50 to 60 are killed in their gardens each year? Almost half of accidents involve adults but almost a quarter involve children and 14% infants and toddlers. A relatively small proportion involve older people. 18% of accidents are serious or very serious, with the proportion about constant up to the age of 64, but rising for older people, especially those over 75.

Almost 60% of the victims are male and the proportion declines with age, reflecting first of all that men probably spend more time in the garden, and secondly that in the older age-bands there are more women. For infants & toddlers, the figure once again shows boys to have a higher accident rate than girls.

In this section I hope to help you prevent and avoid accidents to yourselves and others when gardening. Click on the relevant sections to find out more.

Using tools and Equipment
Looking after your body
Childrens Safety in the Garden

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