Growing Herbs

Herbs are our oldest garden plants and for hundreds of years they have provided flavourings for food, medicines for healing and dyes, perfumes and cosmetics.

For today's gardener they are equally rewarding and their great variety makes them useful in most parts of the garden.

Some herbs such as Rosemary, Thyme and Sage originally come from the Mediterranean countries so need dry sunny conditions. Other herbs such as Mint, Sorrel and Chives will tolerate light shading while others such as Basil and Sweet Marjoram are best grown under greenhouse conditions.

The menu below will take you to each individual herb and explain to you how to grow them, what conditions they need and some of the uses that they can be used for.

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Index of Herbs

(In alphabetical order)

A Angelica Anise Anise Hyssop
B Basil Bay Bergamot Borage
C caraway catmint chamomile chervil
chives clary comfrey coriander
costmary cotton-lavender cumin curry-plant
D Dill
E Elecampane
F Fennel Fenugreek
G Garlic Gas Plant
H Hamburg Parsley Horehound Horseradish Hyssop
J Juniper
L Lady's Mantle Lavender Lemon Balm Lemon Verbena
M Marigold Marjoram Mints Mugwort
P Parsley Pennyroyal Purslane
R Rosemary Rue
S Sage Salad Burnet Savory Sorrel
Southernwood Sweet Cicely
T Tansy Tarragon Thyme
V Vervain
W Woad Woodruff Wormwood

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