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Gardening Books and CD-ROM's

Interactive 3,000 Plant Selector, gardening advice and pruning guide encyclopaedia (PC/Mac CD)

This is "Interactive Plant Selector And Pruning Guide CD-ROM". It includes 3,000 plants and over 7,500 photographs. Create beautiful gardens with year round colour and interest with this easy to use, nifty plant resource. Selecting plants to suit your garden requirements and conditions couldn't be easier. Select any combination of colour, month/season, height, aspect, soil condition or name and a selection of suitable plants appears within seconds. It saves hours of searching through books.

It is ideal for all levels from the garden novice to the garden designer.

The plant selection has been specially chosen to cover the plant care and pruning advice for the widest most relevant Genera from trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, vegetables, bulbs to aquatics. The stunning photographs accompanying each plant enables easily identification. Each plant is accompanied with in-depth plant care and illustrated pruning advice. There are also notes and print, with images. It helps you make your own visual Calendar plant lists. See the plants you have, the ones you want and which need pruning when.

This title is MAC and PC compatible.

RHS Pests and Diseases

Learn to identify, treat and prevent plant pests and diseases with the help of the experts at the RHS. A detailed A-Z plant listing explains common plant problems so you know what to look out for in your garden. Explore more than 300 close-up photos showing symptoms and causes of ailments, helping you to identify and treat problems fast. Includes suggestions for organic, biological and chemical controls to keep you one step ahead of pests and diseases.

Keep your plants in perfect condition all year round.

Greenhouse Gardening: Step by Step to Success

A practical guide to planning, siting, building and making best use of a greenhouse. It includes information on heat and ventilation, control of pests and diseases and a season-by-season growing guide.

The Container Expert: The world's best-selling book on container gardening

Keeping plants in containers is a quick and easy way to start gardening - without spending a fortune.Nowadays, there is a wide variety to choose from and a huge number of plants to try - even fruit, vegetables and herbs can be container grown.The Container Expert shows you how to use every available space in your garden for year-round colour, with advice on:

  • How and where to use containers
  • Hanging baskets, window boxes and pots
  • The best plants to use
  • Visual impact, balance and colour
  • Caring for your containers
  • Dealing with problems, pests and diseases

The Complete Guide to Successful Houseplants, Window Boxes, Hanging Baskets, Pots & Containers

This practical book demonstrates how easy it is to cultivate beautiful containers to completely transform a small patio area, a window, or a corner of your home. The opening section on the container garden consists of inspiring projects for gardeners of all levels of experience. There are also fun projects designed for children, all with step-by-step colour photographs. The second section focuses on houseplants, with detailed guidance on how to choose and care for indoor plants. An A-Z of common plant names and a plant guide concludes the content, providing a quick reference to plant names, plant types, the conditions they like and the ideal watering and feeding regime. Here is everything you need to know about gardening in pots, planters, boxes and tubs in one comprehensive and accessible volume.

RHS Plant Finder (book)

Listing more than 70,000 plants and where to find them, the annual edition of "RHS Plant Finder" is invaluable for any gardener. It provides all the information you require, including, location maps for over 800 nurseries and the correct botanical names, so you can choose the right plant every time. This is the ultimate guide to plants, and where to buy them.

RHS Encyclopaedia of Plants and Flowers.

RHS Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers is an expert guide to planning your dream garden, redesigned to aid navigation and make identifying plants easier than ever. Over 8,000 easy-to-find plants and thousands of photographs will give you all the guidance you need.

Each variety is photographed and the new "how to" section tells you all you need to know on cultivation, pruning and care. Plus, use the special plant selector to grow for every possible situation and condition, from sunless walls to sandy soil.

The perfect addition to any gardener's bookshelf.

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