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Gardening Books and CD-ROM's

Interactive 3,000 Plant Selector, gardening advice and pruning guide encyclopaedia (PC/Mac CD) This is "Interactive Plant Selector And Pruning Guide CD-ROM". It includes 3,000 plants and over 7,500 photographs. Create beautiful gardens with year round colour and interest with this easy to use, nifty plant resource. Selecting plants to suit your garden requirements and conditions couldn't be easier. Select any combination of colour, month/season, height, aspect, soil condition or name and a selection of suitable plants appears within seconds. It saves hours of searching through books.

It is ideal for all levels from the garden novice to the garden designer.

The plant selection has been specially chosen to cover the plant care and pruning advice for the widest most relevant Genera from trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, vegetables, bulbs to aquatics. The stunning photographs accompanying each plant enables easily identification. Each plant is accompanied with in-depth plant care and illustrated pruning advice. There are also notes and print, with images. It helps you make your own visual Calendar plant lists. See the plants you have, the ones you want and which need pruning when.

This title is MAC and PC compatible.

RHS Pests and Diseases

Drawing on the expertise and authority of the RHS, RHS Pests and Diseases has been carefully conceived to help you make a correct diagnosis and find the most effective cure. This brand new edition includes helpful new entries detailing how to cope with the latest prevalent problems, and how to adhere to current best practice and new legislation on chemical control. Look up possible ailments in the plant-by-plant listings; make a visual identification from the extensive gallery of symptoms; then follow detailed advice in the A-Z directory to remedy the issue. With a focus on growing for food and an emphasis on organic solutions, RHS Pests and Diseases will help your garden stay productive, attractive, and in the best of health.

The Container Gardener

Whether you love growing, love creating, or just want to liven up your outdoor space, a container garden is just the answer. So many of us nowadays are crammed into our homes and a garden is a luxury that few can afford. But there is always room for a bit of greenery; whether it's herbs and spices to add fresh flavour to your food, or putting a jungle on your windowsill, a container can enable growers to bring nature to the most inhospitable and smallest spaces. 

Practical Container Gardening

Practical ideas for creating 150 beautiful containers of all kinds, from hanging baskets and window boxes to terracotta pots and stone troughs Step-by-step instructions for choosing plants, preparing containers and planting displays the whole year round Beautiful designs in both traditional and contemporary styles all shown in over 1400 bright, clear photographs Brimming with ideas for instant planters to transform and embellish any outdoor space Perfect guidance for the beginner as well as a source of fresh inspiration for the experienced gardener Projects are expertly presented with step-by-step photographs and all the techniques are clearly explained Fantastic ideas for making, creating or adapting your own containers, including painting terracotta pots and converting watering cans This is an essential guide to successful gardening in containers, outside and inside. It assumes little or no gardening experience and guarantees to be an endless source of fresh inspiration for the experienced gardener. There are over 1400 stunning photographs, both stage-by-stage instructions and finished pictures of each design. 

RHS Encyclopaedia of Plants and Flowers.

RHS Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers is an expert guide to planning your dream garden, redesigned to aid navigation and make identifying plants easier than ever. Over 8,000 easy-to-find plants and thousands of photographs will give you all the guidance you need.

Each variety is photographed and the new "how to" section tells you all you need to know on cultivation, pruning and care. Plus, use the special plant selector to grow for every possible situation and condition, from sunless walls to sandy soil.

The perfect addition to any gardener's bookshelf.