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Gardening links for vegetables and vegetable growing.  Sites for advice and tips on vegetables and vegetable growing.

Specific Vegetables on gardeningdata:


Country Smallholder - Website with advice on plant growing and propagation aimed at smallholders, allotment holders, or even window box growers.

Growing Your Own Veg - A site giving practical advice on growing vegetables.

PoshCloche Garden Cloches - Garden Cloches by Poshcloche. Elegant and durable garden cloches made to last from high quality rigid acrylic for all year round use. Variety of styles and sizes available to suit your growing needs. ( is a tribute to beautiful vegetables in beautiful kitchen gardens. A potager is more than just a kitchen garden.

Quick reference guide to vegetables (beetroot to tomatoes) (and please don't start the discussion '...but tomatoes are fruit' !!) - ( - This extensive site will help you learn more about vegetable varieties and how to plant, harvest, store, preserve and cook them. (

Vegetable pests - A plant by plant guide (from artichoke to turnip) detailing the pests associated with each vegetable plant.

Specific vegetables

Aubergine - Seed Sowing, Care, Harvesting

Bean - Broad - Seed Sowing, Care, Harvesting

Beans - Broad - Growing Broad Beans from seed. How to care for them and treat pest and disease - (

Carrots - Growing and showing guide

Cauliflower & Cabbages - Growing and showing guide

French Beans - (also known by a variety of names such as kidney beans, flageolots and haricot beans - these names refer to the beans when left to mature fully) - (

Grow Vegetables & Culinary Herbs in Winter - (

Leeks - Growing and showing guide

Onions from sets - Growing and showing guide

Parsnips - Growing and showing guide

Potatoes - A page on its own with a selection of very useful links

Runner Beans - Growing and showing guide.

How To Grow Tomatoes - Step-by-step advice and tips on how to grow tomatoes you can use to help you substantially increase your crop's health and yield. (

Tomatoes - a step by step guide - (

Tomatoes - All about growing tomatoes in the UK - it has many up to date pages with lots of advice and tips - (