Pests and Diseases
(Fruit, Vegetables and Flowers)

Gardening links for garden pests and diseases.  Gardening websites for advice on pests and diseases, and other unwanted garden guests you'll find around your house and on your fruit, vegetables and flowers. Plus suppliers of pest control services and products.

General information:

Diseases of Fruit, Vegetables and Flowers A guide to fruit, vegetable and flower diseases and how to cure and prevent them.

Down Garden Services, County Down, Northern Ireland - useful guide to garden plant diseases - also includes a useful weed identifier.

Pest and disease control centre. - Identify, cure and prevent plant pests and disease. (

Garden Pests A guide to all the various pests and how to get rid of them.

Pests of house and garden - a to z guide to pests around the house and in the garden (

Slug and Snail Trail - A site developed to help you protect your crops and garden plants from the destructive habits of slugs and snails.

"The bad guys" - harmful creatures found in the garden and how to combat them.

"The good guys" - beneficial insects found in the garden that combat pests.

Vegetable pests - A plant by plant guide (from artichoke to turnip) detailing the pests associated with each vegetable plant.