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Plant Propagation

Gardening links for plant propagation techniques.  Sites for advice and tips on plant propagation and suppliers of propagation equipment.


Air Layering This method of propagation is suitable for large houseplants such as Rubber Plants (Ficus elastic) Dieffenbachia, Dracaena and Swiss Cheese Plants (Monstera deliciosa)

Fuchsias - Soft Spring Cuttings.

Hardening off plants grown from seeds

Propagating House Plants (

Plant Propagation - growing your vegetables and herbs from seed - (

Pricking out young plants grown from seed

Making, preparing and using a seed bed in your garden

Sowing and planting vegetables from seeds:

Summer cuttings - how to take summer cuttings of garden shrubs

Yucca - A Danish website (in English) covering the Genus Yucca, details include propagation - (


Greenhouse Warehouse - Retailers of Greenhouses, Greenhouse Heaters, Propagators, Clips, Acrylic Glazing and many other useful things. (

Two Wests & Elliott stock greenhouses, staging, propagators, fruitcages and more. With over 2000 items you re sure to find everything you need for your garden. (