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Gardening links for water gardens. Sites with advice for making and using water gardens.

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Bog gardens

Garden ponds

Plants for ponds

Pond Fish

Pond/water features (fountains etc)


Algae - This article discusses the many factors involved in controlling algae growth in ponds. It is designed to better enable the pond keeper to have a full range of knowledge about combating algae growth. - (

Battling Garden Pond Scum

Controlling Algae In Your Water Garden

General Pond Information

Build Your Own Water Garden calculators for water volume, liner size etc (

Frequently Asked Questions about having a pond - (

Planning and Installing a Water Garden a discussion of the options available when designing a pond - (

SafaPond - protect children, pets and fish, and still have an attractive garden pond. (

A Small Change Garden Pond a guide for a small budget pond (originally on a US website)


Liners Online - specialises in supplying superior quality pond liners, protective underlay and pumps direct at wholesale prices. A pond-liner-size calculator will calculate pond liner dimensions required. (

Water Features - Supplies garden water features and fountains throughout the UK and Europe. Many unique and exciting designs in granite, stainless steel and resin. (