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Bog Gardens

Gardening links for advice and tips dealing with bog gardens and plants which like wet places. 

Bog - Contains information on characteristics of the plant and wildlife in a bog. Describes the history and mining of bogs

Bog Garden's - Provides information on putting a bog garden by a pond or other areas. (macarthurwatergardens.com)

Build A Simple Bog Garden - Provides information on building a bog garden with varieties of plants to use - (rainyside.com)

Building A Sphagnum Bog Garden - Provides information on building a bog garden using sphagnum moss. Offers site location, materials and plants used - (orchidmall.com)

The Edible Pond and Bog Garden list contains many plants, most of them either natives of Britain or naturalized here, that can be grown in ponds or boggy ground - (pfaf.org)

Making A Bog Garden - Provides information on creating a bog garden such as site selection, preparing, planting and care - (pitcherplant.com)

My Water Garden - A site for water gardeners from beginners to the more experienced - (mywatergarden.co.uk)

Wetland Plants - Site dedicated to Water Lilies, marginal and bog plants, containing descriptions, planting instructions and many photos - (wetlandplants.co.uk)

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