Gardening links for hedges.  Gardening websites with advice and tips on hedges and hedging plants - guides to choosing, planting and maintaining hedges.

Hedges and their uses - Practical UK advice on using different hedging plants - based on planting hedges on 36 acres of windswept Cornwell. (pfaf.org)

Hedging plants, choosing and planting - Things to consider before you choose and buy your plants. (crown-nursery.co.uk)

Hedging shrubs - Guide which compares hedges and fences, gives information on hedge maintenance and gives details of size, height etc. for various hedging plants. (angliangardener.co.uk)

Planting a new hedge - A practical guide to planting a new hedge. (hedging.co.uk)

Plant Sculpting - Information on how to create shapely plants that will delight visitors to your garden. (acsgarden.com)

RHS Help and Advice - Selecting plants for hedges. (rhs.org.uk)


Jackson's Plants - A selection of hedging plants for all soils, situations and uses. Choose from "fabulous foliage", "keep 'em out", "berried treasure" and "barkin' mad" categories. (jacksonsnurseries.co.uk)

Mill Farm Trees - Suppliers of hedging plants to gardeners, farms and estates. Our range includes popular hedging such as privet, beech, blackthorn, dogwood, guelder rose, hornbeam & yew. (millfarmtrees.co.uk)

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