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Alpine and Rock Gardens

Gardening links for rock gardens and alpine plants.  Sites for advice on rockery and alpine plant gardening, tips for growing alpines etc, organisations and suppliers.


Alpine Container Gardening There is a rich tradition of European and American alpine and rock gardening using containers, raised beds, alpine houses, and open gardens. "Trough" gardening, or the use of stone troughs for miniature gardens, is the most popular, yet only one of several alpine gardening forms. This article explores growing alpine plants in containers in general. (backyardgardener)

Alpines for the Enthusiast - Includes photographs and plant portraits, cultivation tips, seed sowing guidelines and a selection of lectures on alpines.

Growing Alpines Alpines are cultivated varieties of wild flowers, originally from the high mountainous regions of the world. Although most of them are small in comparison to, say, herbaceous shrubs, some gardeners reckon they are amongst the most beautiful plants in the world.

How to create an alpine bed Creating an alpine bed. Creating an alpine bed is an ideal project for a small garden . ... under and around the rocks to create planting pockets. - (The Abercorn Garden Factory)

Hypertufa Hypertufa is a cast "rock-like" material which can be used for relatively inexpensive artifical rocks for plantings alpines. - (backyardgardener)

Mini Alpine Garden In a garden situation these small, slow-growing plants can easily become lost. They are best grown in troughs or rockeries where their needs can be catered to and the beautiful display they create can be fully appreciated. Container growing ensures ... - (

Planning and constructing a Rock Garden - a practical guide.

Trough Recipes A great source of pleasure, is to design and plant out "Theme" troughs of alpines. - (backyardgardener)


American Primrose Society

The North American Rock Garden Society for gardening enthusiasts interested in alpine, saxatile, and low-growing perennials

Scottish Rock Garden Club Scotland's friendly society for lovers of beautiful plants


The Alpine and Grass Nursery - Specialist Growers of Alpines/Rockery Plants and Ornamental Grasses - Mail Order and Wholesale