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the method of growing plants without soil

Gardening links for Hydroponic gardening.  Gardening websites for advice on Hydroponic gardening. Plus suppliers of hydroponic services and products.

General information:

Choosing a Hydroponic system - A brief guide to the factors a new grower needs to consider when selecting an indoor growing system. (growell.co.uk)

Introduction to Hydroponics - A basic introduction to Hydroponics including some common questions and answers.

Lets go gardening - A basic explanation of hydroponic techniques. (letsgogardening.co.uk)


GreenSea Hydroponics online grow shop, UK suppliers of hydroponics grow lights, grow tents, nutrients, additives, hydroponic growing systems and ventilation products. (hydroponics-growshop.co.uk/)

Growell - Suppliers of Hydroponics equipment. (growell.co.uk)

Oasis Hydroponics - Hydroponics and indoor gardening supplies from Oasis Hydroponics. Based in Birmingham, UK.

UK gardening help and assistance

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