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Algae - This article discusses the many factors involved in controlling algae growth in ponds. It is designed to better enable the pond keeper to have a full range of knowledge about combating algae growth. - (

Bubblebead Filters - Installing and using Bubblebead Filters - (

A Construction Guide to Backyard Ponds Construction a low maintance backyard pond - (

Fish in a Barrel The story of how some old, half barrels became a pond and home for Fish in a Barrel

Greenways - Natural, environmentally friendly algae control using barley and lavendar straw - (

Maintaining A Pond A guide to sping, summer and winter maintainance of garden ponds - (

Pond Construction Constructing a pond using polyethylene,PVC,or butyl liner - (

Pond Creations - Pond services, online supplies, forum & advice pages - (

Seasonal Pond Care - how to look after your pond durring the different seasons (

Tips for garden ponds - This website is organized in such a manner to provide you with all the information that is required to build your own do-it-yourself (diy) garden pond. - (

Water treatment Understanding water pumps, filtration systems and Ultra Violet clarifiers - (

Winter Tips Preparing your pond for winter, looks at fishes and plants - (

Lots of Pond and Water Garden Information - (