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Gardening links for fish in garden ponds.  Gardening websites for advice on fish for garden ponds.

AC Tropical fish ( is an aquarium website that aims to provide those who keep tropical fish with the information and services they need for their hobby, regardless if their passion is Cichlids like the beautiful Discus, Catfish or even Crayfish. (

Advice on water gardening and choosing fish. A site is dedicated to all keepers of both Koi and other cold water fish - (

Aquarium Database - Aquarium guide with access to database, forums, insertion and a contest - (

A number of basic guides to looking after koi - Filters, heaters, fish health, Koi pond construction and more. (previously on

A Beginner's Guide To Koi and Koi Ponds packed with information on ponds, diseases and breeding Koi

Choosing your Koi or Goldfish Preparing your pond and choosing fish for it - (

Fish'n Hole The story from digging the hole to putting the fish in - (

Fish Diseases Another useful resource from therealmakoi

Koi Disease Information - As the name suggests, information on Koi diseases

Koi Varieties just a few of the many different Koi varieties - (

Koi Varieties from George's Japanese Garden

Learn the basics for getting started with keeping fish.

Pond Fish A brief discussion of having Koi in ponds - (

Preparing For Winter Looking after your plants and fish as winter approaches - (

The Real McKoi - (

Tropical Fish Centre - Everything you could possibly want to know about Tropical Fish - (

Valueaquatics - true value for money aquatic equipment, and information on products for beginners and expert fish keepers alike (

Winter Tips Preparing your pond for winter, looks at fishes and plants - (