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Gardening links for Clematis. Gardening websites for advice and tips on growing Clematis.

Clematis information:

Caring For Your Clematis in the UK - how to propagate, buy, plant and care for clematis in the UK. Lots of pictures and written in language you can understand (gardenaction.co.uk)

Clematis Aspects and Positioning - put them in the right place - (betwsnursery.blogspot)

Clematis from Seed You don't need to be an expert to grow clematis from seed; even ordinary amateurs such as you or I can manage it!

Clematis is a Popular Garden Climber Information for growing clematis from the Purdue University. - (hort.purdue.edu)

Clematis - A descriptive list of popular clematises. (gardeningdata.co.uk)

Clematis Growing Calendar - What to do with your Clematis plants through the months and weeks of the year. betwsnursery.blogspot)

Clematis Pests - Clematis pests and diseases and how to deal with them. (gardeningdata.co.uk)

Clematis Pests and bugs - Pest and bugs associated with Clematis and their treatment (betwsnursery.blogspot)

Clematis planting, care and uses - A guide to planting and looking after clematis. - (gardeningdata.co.uk)

Clematis Problem Solving overcome the problems with your plants - (betwsnursery.blogspot)

Clematis pruning - A guide to pruning clematis. - (gardeningdata.co.uk)

Clematis Tips - Tips for growing Clematis plants (betwsnursery.blogspot)

Clematis Varieties a list of the main varieties available in the UK - (betwsnursery.blogspot)

Clematis Watering and Food for thriving plants, follow the advice - (betwsnursery.blogspot)

Evergreen Clematis - (oviatt-ham)

Growing Clematis Ohio State fact sheet on growing Clematis. - (ohioline.osu.edu)

How to plant clematis and keep them healthy The "rules" for growing these diverse clematis are listed here. -(catkin.org)

Plant Profile - Clematis

Pruning Clematis Pruning is one garden job that confuses many gardeners. And pruning clematis is certainly one area that has heads scratching all over the world - (gardenforum)


British Clematis Society - (britishclematis.org.uk)


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