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Wisteria Plants

"flori bunda macrobtrys multijuga"

Wisteria are robust hardy plants which require a sunny position to flower well. All wisteria flowers are scented.

Wisteria foliage and flowers are harmful if eaten.


Pruning is not a problem, once you have trained the young shoots to cover your structure/support, just shorten the growths of summer in late June or early July to six pairs of leaves. In winter, further prune back to 3 pairs. The summer pruning opens the wood to sunlight to allow it to ripen for the production of good flowers. Frost may damage the flowers.


All these varieties flower in late April/early May.

Brachybotrys Species

Variety Known As Description
Alba Venusta Alba/ Shiro Kapitan Compact trusses white
Showa Beni   Compact trusses pink
Wild Form Venusta Compact trusses, deep violet, distinct perfume

Floribunda Species

Variety Known As Description
Alba Shiro Noda/ Longissima Alba Long pointed trusses of white flowers
Black Dragon Kokuryu Small flower mid blue
Black Dragon Double Yae Kokuryu/ violacea plena The only double flowered wisteria. Deep purple
Domino Issai Mid purple/blue long trusses
Macrobotrys Multi juga Very long trusses of pale mauve flowers
Nana Richen's Purple   Late Flowering, deep purple small growing variety
Peaches-Cream Kuchibeni Very long trusses of pale mauve & cream fading to white
Purple Snake Royal Purple Long trusses Deep Purple
Rosea Honbeni Long trusses magenta/pink flowers


Variety Description
Formosa Short trusses of mid blue, late flowering
Hockier Edge Similar to Lavender Lace but more vigorous
Lavender Lace V. long trusses pale blue with large flowers


Variety Description
Alba Pointed compact trusses
Amethyst Deep violet purple - good perfumed, compact trusses
Carolyn Compact gray blue trusses
Consequa Deep purple blue, compact pointed trusses

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