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Garden links for Chrysanthemums.  Find websites about propagation, the different varieties and care of Chrysanthemums plants. Plus organisations dedicated to Chrysanthemums.

General information:

Chrysanthemums for Exhibition - gives an insight into the protection required for exhibition standard chrysanthemums, how to get blooms to the show venue and stage them for exhibition. Finally, a brief look at chrysanthemum judging - (www.chrysanthemums.info)

Chrysanthemums cultivation guide (UK) how to Box up, take the cuttings, pot-on in different size pots, to planting out, growing them and getting them on to the show bench

Cultural tips for Chrysanthemums - month by month guide (UK)

Growing Tips Best Planting Time, Soil Preparation, Cutting Back etc (USA) - (kingsmums.com)

Monthly tips A month by month cultural guide for rooting, stopping, general cultivation etc (UK)

Pests and diseases - pictures of pests and diseases (UK)

Soil Analysis & Feeding the page links below will give an introduction to soil analysis and feeding for chrysanthemums. There is also a page covering sterilisation and compost mixes - (chrysanthemums.info)


National Chrysanthemum Society (UK)

National Chrysanthemum Society of Australia

National Chrysanthemum Society (USA)

Chrysanths in Scotland

Chrysanths in Hull

South Australian Chrysanthemum Centre

UK gardening help and assistance

gardening books