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Guide to EMLA Rootstock Heights


RootstockAll  apple trees are grown on EMLA rootstocks. All the stocks we use induce early fruiting, even the M25 half standard type. The rootstock controls the ultimate height of the tree, hence we have to offer the cultivars (now well over 300) on different rootstocks, to accommodate varying garden sizes, from window boxes to acres of commercial orcharding. So, to summarise the rootstock situation that we grow for you the following will be helpfull:

EMLA MM106 (semi-dwarfing). Attains a height of 12-15 ft. The most widely planted rootstock for bush apple trees in commercial orchards. Quite early fruiting. Also used for fan trees and is also suitable for cordons. Plant 12-15 ft apart. Bush, fans and cordons 3ft.

EMLA M25 (strong). Will reach 15-18ft. This is the best half standard apple tree rootstock, as it induces early fruiting; unlike the old type half standard stocks, which took years to fruit.

EMLA M26 (dwarfing). Will reach a height of 8-10ft.This is really our piece de resistance or bread and butter.Crops in the second or third year, depending on variety, quantity and quality of fruit is excellent. Also, unlike other apple tree dwarfing stocks, we consider the M26 needs no staking, unless in a very exposed situation. 99% of our cultivars are available on M26. Fans too are offered. Planting can be as close as 2ft. for cordons or 6-12ft. for bush/pyramids. We can supply all ages of trees to be cordon trained and will cut trees for cultivating this way.

EMLA M27. Will reach 4ft. This ‘miniature’ extreme dwarfing rootstock is by far the greatest and dramatic release from our research stations.  M27 is a stock that you can quite easily and happily grow in a pot or a window box..


QA. Will grow to around 13-16ft depending on the strength of the variety.


PIXY. Will grow 8-10ft and gives some resistance to silverleaf.

ST. JULIEN A. Will grow 12-15ft.Please note all 2 year + trees on St.Julien A will be young 1/2 standards.


PIXY. Will grow 8-10ft and gives some resistance to silverleaf.

ST. JULIEN A. Will grow 12-15ft.


GISELA 5. Will grow to around 6-8ft.

COLT. Will grow to around 15-18ft.

Please note; 1/2 standard means the trees will eventually have a clear trunk height of approx 3ft

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