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Shrubs for areas of clay soil


Here's a list of some shrubs which grow well in areas of clay soil - the list is not exhaustive and any suggestions of further suitable shrubs will be welcome.

*: E = evergreen

Figures in brackets indicate the approximate height in feet usually attained after 10 years under average conditions.

JAPONICA CROTONIFOLIA (6)   E   Speckled, gold variegations on glossy green leaves.
BUXIFOLIA NANA (2)  E  Orange flowers April-May. Slow growing
DARWINII (8)  E  Orange flowers in spring.
LINEARIFOLIA ORANGE KING (6)  E  Deep orange flowers in April.
LOG' APRICOT QUEEN (5)  E  Apricot flowers in April.
X MEDIA RED JEWEL (5)   Semi-evergreen, dark red foliage, yellow flowers.
OTTAWENSIS GOLD RING (4)   Deciduous, purple foliage with gold edge.
- SUPERBA (7)   Vigorous growth, rich purple foliage.
STENOPHYLLA (8)  E  Golden yellow flowers during April-may. Good as a hedge.
X THUNBERGII (4)   Green leaves red berries & foliage in autumn.
- ATROPURPUREA (5)   Purple leaves turning red in autumn.
- AUREA (3)   Yellow foliage turns slowly green, needs wind protection & some shade.
- BAGATELLE (1)   Coppery-red foliage, dense dwarf habits.
- HARLEQUIN (4)   Purple, pink & cream variegated foliage.
-ROSE GLOW (4)   New shoots mottled pink & silver.
VERRUCULOSA  E  Slow compact growth, yellow flowers.
JAPONICA (5)   Orange-red flowers from mar-may
SPECIOSA NIVALIS (7)   Large pure white flowers in spring
CRIMSON & GOLD (4)   Crimson petals, golden anthers, April-Jun
PINK LADY (4)   Clear rose-pink flowers from April- June
TERNATA (8)  E  Fragrant, white flowers from May-Jun.
ALBA AUREA (5)   Light golden foliage throughout the summer
- ELEGANTISSIMA (6)   Green & silver variegated foliage, red stems in winter
- IVORY HALO   Green & silver variegated foliage. Green stem colour
- SIBERICA (WESTONBIRT) (5)   Brilliant crimson stems in winter
- SPAETHII (6)   Golden variegated leaves, with good autumn colour
STOLIONIFERA FLAVAIRAMEA (6)   Bright yellow stems all the year round
AVELLANA CONTORTA (7)   Yellow catkins on twisted branches in Feb.
MAXIMA PURPUREA (8)   Purple leaves, catkins followed by nuts.
CONGESTUS NANA (6")  E  Very slow growing, minute green leaves
CONSPICUUS DECORUS (3)  E  Orange-red berries in autumn, prostrate growth
CORNUBIA (10)  E  Semi-evergreen, red berries in autumn,
DAMMERI CORAL BEAUTY (1)  E  Coral-red berries in autumn, spreading habit
EXBURYENSIS (7)  E  Apricot-yellow fruit in autumn
FRANCHETII (8)   Silver-grey foliage, arching branches, red berries
HORIZONTALIS (4)   Red berries & foliage in autumn. Grows well against a wall with fan-like branches
- VARIEGATUS (4)   Variegated foliage, turning red in autumn, red berries
LACTEUS (7)  E  Vigorous grower, bunches of orange-red berries in late winter.
MICROPHYLLUS (3)  E  Prostrate growth, scarlet berries in autumn
SALICIFOLIUS FLOCUSSUS (6)  E  Scarlet berries, shiny green leaf
EUONYMUS (SPINDLE TREE) - Harmful if eaten
ALATUS (5)   Corky wings along branches, brilliant autumn colour
EUROPAEUS RED CASCADE (7)   Good autumn colour, rosy-red fruit.
FORT' BLONDY  E  Dark green foliage with a golden central splash
- EMERALD'N'GOLD (2)  E  Yellow & green variegated foliage.
- EMERALD GAIETY (2)  E  Green & silver variegated foliage.
- HARLEQUIN (2)  E  White and green variegated foliage
- MICRO' VARIEGATUS (2)  E  Green & white variegated foliage.
GENERAL GAULTHIER (3)  E  Large, silver variegated foliage
JAPONICUS OVATUS AUREUS (6)  E  Green foliage with yellow border
RADICANS SILVER QUEEN (3)  E  Large silver variegated foliage.
SPECTABILIS (8)   Bright yellow flowers in early spring
LYNWOOD GOLD (8)   Rich yellow flowers in spring
SUSPENSA (6)   Yellow flowers, good wall shrub
HIDCOTE (4)   Semi-evergreen, yellow flowers from Jul- Sept.
X MOSERANUM (2)   Yellow flowers with crimson stamens from Jul-Oct.
- TRICOLOR (2)   Pink, cream & green variegated foliage, needs some protection.
AQUIFOLIUM (4)  E  Yellow flowers in winter, then black berries.
CHARITY (6)  E  Fragrant yellow flowers from Dec-Feb.
JAPONICA (6)  E  Lemon yellow flowers from Dec to Spring.
LIONEL FORTESCUE (6)  E  Very fragrant yellow flowers Dec-Feb.
WINTER SUN (5)  E  Yellow flowers in late autumn and early winter.