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Stackable Wood Bin

Stackable compost bin This wooden bin requires minimal carpentry skills. The cost depends on the quality of the material used. Figure on an average of $25-$30; more, if you use nice redwood lumber; free, if you can scavenge wood from an old fence.

This bin is designed to make turning the pile easier. To turn the pile, remove the uppermost tier and place on the ground next to the bin. Fork compost into this tier until full then stack another tier on top. Continue to add material and tiers from the old pile until complete.


single layer of stackable compost bin The following materials list is for a 5-layer stackable bin using 1"x8" fencing boards (actual measurements 7.75"x0.75"). If you're going to use some other size of lumber, make the appropriate adjustments (Remember the minimum bin size is 3 foot by 3 foot by 3 foot).

  • Tier planks: Twenty 3-foot lengths of 1"x8".
  • Tier feet: Twenty 7-3/4 inch lengths of 2"x2" (Cut up two 8-foot lengths into twenty pieces).
  • Eighty 1-1/2 inch wood screws.

Building a Stackable Wood Bin

plan view of stackable wood compost bin
  1. Screw the planks to the feet (make sure the feet are offset so that they extend three inches past the bottom of the tier).
  2. Each tier should be fastened securely with at least 16 screws.