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Climbing Plants

See separate pages for: Clematis plants and Wisteria plants

* (E = Evergreen)

Name   * Description
Kolomikta   Heart shaped leaves, bronse when young, sometimes with creamy upper portion. Sented white flowers in Summer followed by bright yellow fruits.
Pentaphylla   Mid green leaves, bronzed when young, purple flowers in Spring.
Grandiflora   Drooping clusters of trumpet shaped orange or red flowers in late Summer and Autumn.
Radicans   Clusters of trumpet shaped orange, red or yellow flowers in late Summer and early Autumn.
Orbiculatus   Clusters of small green flowers in Summer, tiny, round fruits begin green and turning black in Autumn then spliting to reveal red seeds.
CLEMATIS See separate Clematis page
Lupulus  E Green female flower spikes in hanging clusters in Autumn.
Petiolaris   Toothed leaves with clusters of small white flowers in Summer.
JASMINUM (Jasmine)
Frost tend. Dark green leaves, small clusters of fragant tubular white flowere in late Summer.
Deciduous in cold areas. Small fragrant, tubular, pinkish red flowers eary Summer followed by shiny black berries.
Officinale   Clusters of fragant white flowers in Summer and Autumn.
Americana   Oval green leaves. Very fragrant yellow flowers flushed with red and purple in Summer.
Dropmore Scarlet   Oval blue-green leaves. Small fragant red flowers with orange throats throughout Summer.
Henryi  E Narrow, oval dark green leaves. Long red-purple flowers in Summer and Autumn followed by black berries.
Japonica (Japanese Honeysuckle)
Bright green leaves with yellow vains. Long fragrant white flowers in Summer and Autumn.
Halliana  E Bright green leaves. Very fragent white flowers turning to yellow in Summer and Autumn.
Tellmanniana   Clusters of bright yellowish-orange flowers at the end of the shoots in late Spring and Summer.
Henryana   Leaves dark green or bronze with white or pinkish veins. Small dark blue berries are produced in Autumn.
Quinquefolia (Virginia creeper)   Dull green leaflets turn to crimson in Autumn. Blue-black berries also appear in Autumn.
Tricuspidata (Boston ivy, Japanese Ivy)   Crimson leaves and dull blue berries in Autumn.
PASSIFLORA (Passion Flower)
Antioquiensis (Bannana passion fruit)   Long rose-red flowers with purplish-blue centres in Summer.
White flowers sometimes with a pink flush with blue or purple banded crown in Summer and Autumn.
Rose-pink flowers with purple-blue crowns in Summer and Autumn.
Racemosa (Red passion flower)
Wavy, leathery leaves. Pendent crimso flowers with white and purple banded crown in Summer and Autumn.
Baldschuanicum (mile-a-minute, Russian Vine)   Drooping pink or white flowers in Summer and Autumn.
Hydrangeoides   Small white or creamy-white flowers surrounded by oval or heart shaped sterile flowers in Summer.
SOLANUM Harmful if eaten
Crispum Glasnevin
Clusters of lilac to purple flowers in Summer.
Jasminoides (Confederate jasmine, Star jasmine)  E Very fragrant white flowers in Summer.
VITIS (Vine)
Brant   Long, bright green leaves turn brown-red in Autumn.
Coignetiae (Crimson glory vine)   Large leaves, brown underneath and bright scarlet in Autumn. Tiny pale green flowers in Summer followed by black berries.
Purpurea   3 or 5 lobed purple leaves.
WISTERIA Harmful if eaten
See separate Wisteria page