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Gardening links for fruit growers.  Gardening websites for advice on growing fruit trees, soft fruits and seasonal produce and suppliers.

Specific fruit


Apples - varieties of apples grown in Gloucestershire - (Gloucestershire Orchard Group)

Appletreesforsale.net - Learn about the different types of Apple trees and things you need to know before buying them (US site) - (appletreesforsale.net)

Apple Varieties for Home Production (US site) - (naturalhub.com)

Growing Apple Trees in the UK - (gardenaction)

An Expert Guide to Fruit Trees - part 1 - Apples - pollination groups, family trees, pruning, bushes and standards - (allinone.co.uk)


Blackcurrent - different varieties, cultivation and how to use blackcurrents (lapinskas.com)


Pears - varieties of pears grown in Gloucestershire (Gloucestershire Orchard Group)


Plum Tree Care In The UK - Huge amount of practical information on growing, pruning and caring for plum trees in the UK - (gardenaction.co.uk)

Plums - varieties of plums grown in Gloucestershire (Gloucestershire Orchard Group)


Advice - Choosing the Right Trees - varieties, rootstock, form all explained - (keepers-nursery.co.uk)

An Expert Guide to Fruit Trees - part 2 - Pears and Plums (bottom half of page) - (allinone.co.uk)

Diary of a Yorkshire Allotment Includes tips on growing fruit

Paul's Garden World Site includes a large, informative section on growing and maintaining tree fruit and soft fruit

Quick reference guide to fruit (apple to strawberry) - (gardenaction.co.uk)

Suppliers of fruit trees etc.

Deacon's Nursery - A very wide range of bare root fruit trees and more by mail order (Apples, Pears, Medlars & Quince, Plums, Gages & Damsons, Cherries, Peaches, Nectarines & Apricots, General Family Trees, Family Jenny Trees, Nuts,Soft Fruits, Grapes, Hops, Figs, Kiwi Fruits, Rhubarb, Asparagus Crowns, Horseradish and Strawberry Tree)

Harrod Horticultural - Buy fruit cages, raised garden beds, netting, biological pest control, greenhouse equipment and all your organic garden supplies online from Harrod Horticultural (UK).

Jackson's Plants - A wide range of well-established, containerised fruit trees at very competitive prices, with secure online ordering and UK delivery.

UK gardening help and assistance

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