Shrubs for areas of chalky soil (I to P)


Here's a list of some shrubs which grow well in areas of chalky soil - the list is not exhaustive and any suggestions of further suitable shrubs will be welcome.

*: E = evergreen

Figures in brackets indicate the approximate height in feet usually attained after 10 years under average conditions.

ILEX (Holly)
ALTRACLAR' GOLD KING (6)  E  Spineless foliage berries if fertilised. Female
ARGENTEA MARGINATA (6)  E  White margined leaves, berries well. Female
BACCIFLAVA (8+)  E  Yellow berried form of common holly. Female
- FERROX VARIEGATA (6)  E  Variegated small leaves, Male
- GOLD FLASH (6)  E  Green foliage with central gold variegation, red berries in autumn self-fertile.
-J.C. VAN TOL (6)  E  Self-fertile, regular crops of red berries.
- SILVER QUEEN (6)  E  Creamy-white margins to grey-green foliage. Male
CRENATA GOLDEN GEM (3)  E  Small golden-yellow, spineless foliage. Compact habit
MESERVAE BLUE PRINCE (5)  E  Deep bluish-green leaves, dwarf habit, Male
- BLUE PRINCESS (8+)  E  Deep purple stems, blue-green leaf. Female.
JAPONICA GOLDEN GUINEA (4)   Golden foliage, single yellow flowers
- PLENTIFLORA (5)   Double yellow flowers in April-May.
AMABILIS PINK CLOUD (6)   Lovely pink flowers during May-Jun.
HIDCOTE (1'6")   Compact habit, purple flowers from July
MUNSTEAD (2'6")   Compact growth, lavender blue flowers in July
STOECHAS PEDUCULATA (2)   Lilac-blue flowers with wispy bracts,
VERA (DUTCH)   Broad grey leaves, blue flowers in July
LIGUSTRUM (PRIVET) Harmful if eaten
OVALIFOLIUM ARGENTEUM (6)  E  Leaves margined creamy-white.
- AUREUM (6)  E  Gold variegated foliage, used for hedging
AQUIFOLIUM (4)  E  Yellow flowers in winter, then black berries.
CHARITY (6)  E  Fragrant yellow flowers from Dec-Feb.
JAPONICA (6)  E  Lemon yellow flowers from Dec to Spring.
LIONEL FORTESCUE (6)  E  Very fragrant yellow flowers Dec-Feb.
WINTER SUN (5)  E  Yellow flowers in late autumn and early winter.
X HAASTII (5)  E  White flowers Jul-Aug. Silver foliage
SUFFRUTICOSA (6)   Various shades include red, pink, white & yellow.
BELLE ETOILE (6)   White flowers with maroon centre very fragrant may June
CORONARIUS AUREUS (5)   Golden foliage white flowers May-June
MANTEAU D'HERMINE (3)   Double creamy white flowers May-June. Compact habit
VIRGINAL (8)   Fragrant double white flowers May-June
FRASERI RED ROBIN  E  Evergreen, new foliage opens red through purple to green.
- PALLETTE  E  Leaves splashed cream and pink. White flowers followed by red berries
SILVER QUEEN  E  Leaves are pale green, silver margin.
GARNETII  E  Yellow golden leaves all the year round.
FRUTICOSA DAY DAWN (3)   Peach-pink flowers throughout summer
- GOLD FINGER (4)   Golden yellow flowers May to October
- KATHERINE DYKES (4)   Erect growth, lemon-yellow flowers
- NEW DAWN (3)   Large pink flowers over long period
- PINK BEAUTY (Lovely Pink)   Large bright pink flowers from June to September
- PRIMROSE BEAUTY   Primrose yellow flowers grey green foliage
- PRINCESS (2'6")   Delicate pink flowers from May-Nov
- RED ACE (3)   Flame red flowers which fade in full sun
- RED ROBIN (3)   Bright red flowers from May to October
- SUNSET (2-3)   Deep orange, brick-red flowers all summer
- TANGERINE (2-3)   Tangerine-yellow flowers all summer
- TILFORD CREAM (2)   Compact growing habit with creamy white flowers
PRUNUS (Portugal laurel)
lusitanica (7)   Reddish leaves when young turn to a shade of green, white flowers in early summer
ORANGE GLOW (8)  E  Long lasting orange berries
RED COLUMN (8)  E  Bright red berries in autumn, upright habit
SAPHYR ORANGE  E  Orange berries. Good disease resistance
SAPHYR RED  E  Red berries. Good disease resistance
SAPHYR YELLOW  E  Yellow berries. Good disease resistance
TETON (8)  E  Small leaves, small orange berries, bushy growth
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