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Shrubs for areas of chalky soil (A to C)


Here's a list of some shrubs which grow well in areas of chalky soil - the list is not exhaustive and any suggestions of further suitable shrubs will be welcome.

*: E = evergreen

Figures in brackets indicate the approximate height in feet usually attained after 10 years under average conditions.

UNEDO (10)  E  Waxy, white flowers then orange fruit in November
gigantea (9) E  
debilis (10) E yellow, or green, or purple
variegata (2) E Dwarf Bamboo with varigated white and green leaves
JAPONICA CROTONIFOLIA (6)  E  Speckled, gold variegations on glossy green leaves.
-VARIEGATA (7)  E  Golden mottled leaf. Female produces red berries if fertilised.
BUXIFOLIA NANA (2)  E  Orange flowers April-May. Slow growing
DARWINII (8)  E  Orange flowers in spring.
LINEARIFOLIA ORANGE KING (6)  E  Deep orange flowers in April.
LOG' APRICOT QUEEN (5)  E  Apricot flowers in April.
X MEDIA RED JEWEL (5)   Semi-evergreen, dark red foliage, yellow flowers.
OTTAWENSIS GOLD RING (4)   Deciduous, purple foliage with gold edge.
- SUPERBA (7)   Vigorous growth, rich purple foliage.
STENOPHYLLA (8)  E  Golden yellow flowers during April-may. Good as a hedge.
X THUNBERGII (4)   Green leaves red berries & foliage in autumn.
- ATROPURPUREA (5)   Purple leaves turning red in autumn.
- AUREA (3)   Yellow foliage turns slowly green, needs wind protection & some shade.
- BAGATELLE (1)   Coppery-red foliage, dense dwarf habits.
- HARLEQUIN (4)   Purple, pink & cream variegated foliage.
-ROSE GLOW (4)   New shoots mottled pink & silver.
VERRUCULOSA  E  Slow compact growth, yellow flowers.
ALTERNIFOLIA (8)   Scented lilac flowers from Jun-Aug.
DAVIDII BLACK KNIGHT (8)   Dark purple flowers from Jul-Oct
- EMPIRE FLUE (7)   Rich violet flowers with an orange eye.
- HARLEQUIN (5)   Cream & green variegated foliage, reddish flowers
- LE DE FRANCE (7)   Deep violet-blue flws with an orange eye
- PINK DELIGHT (7)   Large pink flower panicles Jun-Oct
- ROYAL RED (7)   Reddish-purple flowers from Jul-Oct
- WHITE BOUQUET (6)   Scented, pure white flowers from Jul-Oct
FALLOWIANA LOCHINCH (6)   Broad, blue flower spikes, silver-grey foliage
GLOBOSA (10)   Orange ball-like flowers from May-Jun
SEMPERVIRENS (8)  E  Slow growing, masses of small, green leaves.
- BALLS  E  Cut into the shape of a ball. Trim to retain shape.
- PYRAMIDS  E  Cut to the shape of a pyramid. Trim to retain shape.
AUTUMNAL BLUE (7)  E  Blue flowers in late summer & autumn
BURKWOODII (6)  E  Rich blue flowers from May-Jun, small leaves
BLUE MOUND (5-6)  E  Blue flowers, small evergreen foliage
CONCHA  E  Deep blue flowers on arching branches
DENTATUS (7)  E  Bright blue flowers from May-Jun, small leaves
GLOIRE DE VERSAILLES (8)   Blue flowers from Jul-Sept
MARIE SIMON (6)   Panicles of pink flowers from July-Sept
PUGETS BLUE (8)  E  Dense growing, bright blue flowers from May-Jun
THYRSIFLORUS REPENS (4)  E  Mid-blue flowers from May-June. Good ground cover.
VEITCHIANUS  E  Deep blue flowers, very hardy form
AZTEC PEARL (5)  E  Fragrant, white flowers from May-Jun
TERNATA (8)  E  Fragrant, white flowers from May-Jun.
- SUNDANCE  E  Golden foliage all year round, sweet scented white flowers, May-Jun.
CISTUS (SUN ROSES) All varieties
ALAN FRADD (4)  E  Large white flower with purple blotch
X CORBARIENSIS (2)  E  Crimson tinted buds open to white flowers
X PURPUREUS (5)  E  Rosy-crimson flowers with maroon blotch, Spreading habit
SILVER PINK (3)  E  Silver-pink flowers grey-green foliage. Hardy
SUNSET (3)  E  Vivid cerise flowers Jun-Oct. Sage green foliage.
CONGESTUS NANA (6")  E  Very slow growing, minute green leaves
CONSPICUUS DECORUS (3)  E  Orange-red berries in autumn, prostrate growth
CORNUBIA (10)  E  Semi-evergreen, red berries in autumn,
DAMMERI CORAL BEAUTY (1)  E  Coral-red berries in autumn, spreading habit
EXBURYENSIS (7)  E  Apricot-yellow fruit in autumn
FRANCHETII (8)   Silver-grey foliage, arching branches, red berries
HORIZONTALIS (4)   Red berries & foliage in autumn. Grows well against a wall with fan-like branches
- VARIEGATUS (4)   Variegated foliage, turning red in autumn, red berries
LACTEUS (7)  E  Vigorous grower, bunches of orange-red berries in late winter.
MICROPHYLLUS (3)  E  Prostrate growth, scarlet berries in autumn
SALICIFOLIUS FLOCUSSUS (6)  E  Scarlet berries, shiny green leaf