True herbaceous clematis dying back to ground level each autumn. Some are taller than others but none can really be described as clinging plants all seem to need holding in place.


AROMATICA small scented ethereal blue flowers with white stamens Height 1m Hard prune non climbing. Flowers for much of the summer if well suited.

ALYONUSHKA an interesting Russian variety bell shaped rosy pink flowers. During July and August height to 2m not really a climber This is the first of several 
similar plants to reach this country

ARABELLA another plant similar parentage and habits to the one above but with powder blue open flowers for most of the summer Height 1.5m

CYLINDRICA dark blue flowers similar to Eriostemon but the height is limited to 1.5m Prune hard

DURANDII indigo blue flowers of medium size yellow central boss of stamens Does not cling Height 2m Tends not to develop many stems even with age.

EDWARD PRITCHARD A scented bush rather than a climbing plant small purple edged white flowers. Full sun. Difficult to establish but well worth the effort. Up to 1.2m

ERIOSTEMON nodding dusky indigo blue flowers dark foliage Height 3m prune hard Does well sprawling through other plants.

HERACLEIFOLIA DAVIDIANA clump forming herbaceous small hyacinth scented blue coloured flowers large leaves Flowering in August. Height 1.2m

H. CAMPANILE unscented form of the above with pale blue flowers

H. COTE D'AZUR a vigorous cross with similar flowers to Campanile but 3m tall

HEXAPETALA small white flowers with boss of white stamens Height 1.2m Jun/Aug.

INTEGRIFOLIA herbaceous to 1m. Comes in a variety of sizes and colours. Forms an increasingly large clump as time goes on. Flowers small nodding bells.

INTEGRIFOLIA ROSEA Pale pink of good clarity , wonderful colour.

ALBA a bluish white form with a light scent. 

HANAJIMA dwarf form to about 30cms pointed 

HAKURAI full sized, good white form with nice scent.

OLGAE dark blue normal height light scent

OZAWA'S BLUE mid blue with rounded ends to tepals , good scent.


PAMJA SERZTA a similar cross to Alyonuska but the colour is a dark purple blue,a very attractive plant.

RECTA masses of small white scented flowers in July and August Herbaceous non climber prune hard Height 1.5m

RECTA PEVERIL a smaller growing form of the above reaching just over 35cms.

RECTA PURPUREA as above but with purple new foliage in spring which tends to pale with age.

SISJA PTITZA Very similar to Durandii in shape and colour but with purple stamens instead of yellow. Forms a large clump of stems which flower for months.

TUBULEROSA CASSANDRA very similar in appearance o the heracleifolia group , but slightly lower growing. Mid blue flowers again with wonderful scent. Seems to be easier to grow and keep than those mentioned.

This article was originally published on the web at oviatt-ham.demon.co.uk (Malcolm Oviatt-Ham, Cambridge), however that website is defunct at 2014. The copyright is with Malcolm Oviatt-Ham.

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