These are generally small nodding lantern like flowers later in the year in shades of yellow which are followed by feathery seedheads loved by flower arrangers The plants having attractive finely cut leaves. The height for most is about 4-5 metres. Pruning is optional but if left at full height a close trim with the hedge clippers can produce wonderful results.


AETHUSIFLIA an interloper but it seems to fit here. Small pale lemon bell like flowers in late summer, slightly scented. Foliage attractive parsley like. Difficult

INTRICATA relatively short plant to just over 2m yellow reflexed flowers in late summer. Beware mine has sent underground runners for yards.

LLADAKIANA delicate green foliage flowers colour of old gold with fleck of red

O. GRAVEOLENS 'GRAVETYE SEEDLING' 'The true orientalis, with very fine foliage and small lemon yellow flowers well reflexed. Height to 2m. I have no idea where this was collected from in Turkey, but it was grown in this country originally at Gravetye Manor.

SERRATIFOLIA pale yellow flowers classy followed by silvery green seedheads

TIBETANA (ORIENTALIS) Perhaps I will never get used to the name change but the acid yellow flowers in late summer remain a firm favourite. Seed Heads are good too especially when covered in fine frost in the autumn. A horticultural selection of a good form and flower.

TIBETANA (ORIENTALIS) L.S.13342 a wild collected form having thick orange peel like tepals

T. BILL MACKENZIE free flowering hybrid with darker centre

GRACE a hybrid with serratifolia as the seed parent, unusually an open white flower with dark stamens.

T. VERNAYI grow for attractive grey blue fine cut foliage flowers few and far between are pale yellow Prune hard to maintain best coloured foliage.

TANGUITICA clear yellow lanterns for long period of time

T.HELIOS flowers in bright chrome yellow which open very wide seems to flower for ever, really from June onwards.

T.LAMPTON PARK a selection that have bigger and better everything including flowers!


A group of small flowered hybrids with tulip shaped flowers all of which have some often distant relationship to the North American species. The plants all require full sun and a long growing period Most die back to the ground in autumn. Height is about 3 metres. Ideal for scrambling over low growing plants like heathers which it seems to prefer to walls.

Some cultivars will sometimes not flower here in a dull summer.


TEXENSIS the original small urn shaped flowers of variable colour the most spectacular being deep orange red. Always in short supply

T DUCHESS OF ALBANY clear pink with darker cerise stripe flower held upright like a delightful climbing tulip.

T ETOILE ROSE nodding bells cherry centre shading to silver on the margins

T GRAVETYE BEAUTY dark cherry red flower opens to beyond tulip shape

T LADYBIRD JOHNSON deep red with yellow stamens

T PAGODA reflexed tepals with off white edges lilac pink towards centre of tepal
Often found listed with the viticellas but this location suits the flower type.

T PRINCESS DIANA (THE PRINCESS OF WALES) deep pink which does not change much as the flower ages,a recent introduction. Very prolific in flower.

T SIR TREVOR LAWRENCE the brightest of the group with shocking pink luminous edges which are even brighter, sunglasses a must!

This article was originally published on the web at oviatt-ham.demon.co.uk (Malcolm Oviatt-Ham, Cambridge), however that website is defunct at 2014. The copyright is with Malcolm Oviatt-Ham.

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