This is the group of plants that do not sit happily within the previous groups in the catalogue but as individuals often have the most charm.


ADDISONII a North American specie with urn shaped flowers in late summer. Flower colour is variable but the form we have is rose tepals with creamy edges and tips. Plant grows to about 1.4m

CAMPANIFLORA from Portugal small blue white open bell flowers in August. Height 4.5m Prune hard

CRISPA another variable North American specie which is known locally as the Marsh Clematis. The form we have is palest ice blue with a delectable scent. The shape is an elongated urn with reflexed tips. Grows to about 2.5m

FLAMMULA Masses of tiny almond scented flowers and apple green foliage which is often nearly evergreen. If you have to prune prune hard but otherwise just take off old flower heads

FLORIDA SIEBOLDIANA the name has changed regularly but the flower does not. Often described as the passion flower clematis a purple centre and creamy white tepals. You all know what I mean. Treat as other florida for location.

FLORIDA SIEBOLDIANA ALBA PLENA lots of name, little vigour. White pom pom flowers double form of the above. Probably best treated as a pot plant and kept in a conservatory or cold green house over winter.

JOUINIANA PRAECOX coarse foliage masses of small off white flowers ideal for ground cover Hard prune height to 3m

ODORIBA a Japanese hybrid , a cross of two American species. Small open hanging bells in pink and cream. Looks like a dwarf Etoile Rose for those in the know. Height to just over 2m. Prune hard

PITCHERII shape as in the name deep lavender outside deep purple inside Prune hard Height 2m

POTANANI Fargessii a Chinese species less vigorous than the type White rounded flowers about 2.5 cm across held flat with a boss of yellow stamens. Grows to about 3m Leave until after winter and prune to live bud.

REHDERIANIA vigorous to 7m coarse leaves. Cowslip scented bells in clusters pale yellow during late summer. No pruning required

ROUGOUCHI another Japanese specie hybrid 3.5cm long elongated urn shaped flowers in a rich iridescent dark blue, flowered here this year from July well into autumn. Height to nearly 3m

SONGARICA a shrubby non climbing plant white hawthorn scented flowers amazing seedhead display Height 2m hard prune

TRITERNATA RUBROMARGINATA what a name for such a small flower purple edged white stars with good perfume Prune hard height 5m

VERSICOLOR small pink/purple urns with cream lip Height 1m Hard prune

Another of the small pink/purple urns except that this is the biggest of the lot. But still only 3cm long.

An evergreen species from Japan with delicate off white small open bells flowering early in the year. The oriental equivalent to cirrhosa but with more panache. Marginally hardy here.

This article was originally published on the web at oviatt-ham.demon.co.uk (Malcolm Oviatt-Ham, Cambridge), however that website is defunct at 2014. The copyright is with Malcolm Oviatt-Ham.

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