Shrubs for seaside areas - 3


Here's a list of some shrubs which grow well in coastal and seaside areas - the list is not exhaustive and any suggestions of further suitable shrubs will be welcome.

*: E = evergreen

Figures in brackets indicate the approximate height in feet usually attained after 10 years under average conditions.

ALBICANS (2)  E  White flowers Jun-Jul. Compact mound, glaucous foliage.
- RED EDGE (2)  E  Pinkish-red edges to upper leaves in winter, mauve flowers in June
AUTUMN GLORY (3)  E  Deep violet flowers from Jul-Oct
BABY MARIE (3)  E  Small pale pink flowers
CARL TESCHNER (1)  E  Prostrate growth, violet flowers Jun-Jul
GREEN GLOBE (1)  E  Moss green foliage, dome-shaped habit
GREAT ORME (3)  E  Flowers pink in bud opening white
JAMES STIRLING (1)  E  Whipcord branches, green in summer, bronze in winter
MARGRET (2)  E  Sky-blue flowers from may, bright green leaves, compact habit
ORATIO BEAUTY  E  Flowers are pink in bud opening white.
PINGUIFOLIA PAGEI (1)  E  Blue-grey foliage, white flowers from may-Jun
PINK ELEPHANT  E  Variegated foliage
PURPLE PIXIE (2)  E  Abundant purple flowers from Jun - autumn
RAKAIENSIS [SUBALPINA] (2)  E  White flowers from May-Jun compact growth
ROSIE (2)  E  Free flowering pink blooms June until late autumn
SILVER DOLLAR  E  Variegated foliage.
SUTHERLANDII (1)  E  Low growing, blue foliage & white flowers
VERNICOSA  E  Shiny green foliage, small white flowers in July
Helianthemum (Rock Rose)
Hippophae (Sea Buckthorn)
rhamnoides (20)   Insignificant, yellow flowers in April. Bright orange fruit in autumn.
MACROPHYLLA (5)   Blue, red, pink or white flowers in variety
ILEX (Holly)
ALTRACLAR' GOLD KING (6)  E  Spineless foliage berries if fertilised. Female
ARGENTEA MARGINATA (6)  E  White margined leaves, berries well. Female
BACCIFLAVA (8+)  E  Yellow berried form of common holly. Female
- FERROX VARIEGATA (6)  E  Variegated small leaves, Male
- GOLD FLASH (6)  E  Green foliage with central gold variegation, red berries in autumn self-fertile.
-J.C. VAN TOL (6)  E  Self-fertile, regular crops of red berries.
- SILVER QUEEN (6)  E  Creamy-white margins to grey-green foliage. Male
CRENATA GOLDEN GEM (3)  E  Small golden-yellow, spineless foliage. Compact habit
MESERVAE BLUE PRINCE (5)  E  Deep bluish-green leaves, dwarf habit, Male
- BLUE PRINCESS (8+)  E  Deep purple stems, blue-green leaf. Female.
HIDCOTE (1'6")   Compact habit, purple flowers from July
MUNSTEAD (2'6")   Compact growth, lavender blue flowers in July
STOECHAS PEDUCULATA (2)   Lilac-blue flowers with wispy bracts,
VERA (DUTCH)   Broad grey leaves, blue flowers in July
X HAASTII (5)  E  White flowers Jul-Aug. Silver foliage
Phlomis (Jerusalem Sage)
fruticosa (5) E Whorls of rich yellow flowers in June and July.
SILVER QUEEN  E  Leaves are pale green, silver margin.
GARNETII  E  Yellow golden leaves all the year round.
ORANGE GLOW (8)  E  Long lasting orange berries
RED COLUMN (8)  E  Bright red berries in autumn, upright habit
SAPHYR ORANGE  E  Orange berries. Good disease resistance
SAPHYR RED  E  Red berries. Good disease resistance
SAPHYR YELLOW  E  Yellow berries. Good disease resistance
TETON (8)  E  Small leaves, small orange berries, bushy growth
MISS JESSOPS UPRIGHT (4)  E  Aromatic foliage, blue flowers in may
PROSTRATA (2)  E  Flat trailing stems, blue flowers
ROSEUS (2-3)  E  Aromatic foliage, pink flowers in June
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