Shrubs for seaside areas


Here's a list of some shrubs which grow well in coastal and seaside areas - the list is not exhaustive and any suggestions of further suitable shrubs will be welcome.

*: E = evergreen

Figures in brackets indicate the approximate height in feet usually attained after 10 years under average conditions.

CHAMAECYPARIS (2)  E  Silver, woolly foliage, yellow button flowers.
GREYII (SUNSHINE) (4)  E  Yellow daisy-like flowers June- July, silver foliage.
Spartium (Spannish Broom) - harmful if eaten
junceum (10)   bright yellow flowers, July to September
X ARGUTA (6)   A covering of white flowers from April-May
GOLDFLAME (3)   Golden foliage & crimson flowers in summer
GOLDMOUND (2)   Compact growth, golden foliage, pink flowers
FIRELIGHT (3)   New growth is red in spring turning to gold, crimson flowers
JAP LITTLE PRINCESS (1)   Pink flowers during the summer months
- SHIROBANA (2)   Red & white flowers on the same plant June - July
NIPPONICA SNOWMOUND (4)   Arching sprays of white flowers may-Jun
PENTANDRA (8)   Scented pink flowers, feathery foliage
TETANDRA (8)   Loose spreading foliage, light pink flowers in may.
Ulex   (Gorse, Furze)
europeaus (3)   Prickly. Yellow flowers from spring to winter.
X BODNANTENSE DAWN (8)   Scented pink flowers from Oct-Mar.
X BURKWOODII (7)  E  Fragrant pinkish-white flowers in early spring.
X CARLECEPHALUM (5)   Good autumn colour, white flowers in May.
CARLESII   Large globular sweetly scented white flowers in late spring
DAVIDII (3)  E  Good ground cover, pinkish-white flowers in June.
X FARRERI (8)   Scented white flowers from Nov-Mar.
PLICATUM MARESII (5)   Compact shrub, white flowers, good autumn colour.
RHYTIDOPHYLLUM (8)  E  Creamy flowers in Jun, red berries, corrugated foliage.
TINUS (8)  E  Pinkish-white scented flowers from Nov-April.
- EVE PRICE  E  Deep pink buds opening white from Nov-April.
FILAMENTOSA (6)  E  Sword-like foliage, cream flower spikes from Jul-Aug
VARIEGATA (4)  E  Variegated foliage, creamy flower spikes in summer
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