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Shrubs for seaside areas - 1


Here's a list of some shrubs which grow well in coastal and seaside areas - the list is not exhaustive and any suggestions of further suitable shrubs will be welcome.

*: E = evergreen

Figures in brackets indicate the approximate height in feet usually attained after 10 years under average conditions.

UNEDO (10)   E   Waxy, white flowers then orange fruit in November
gigantea (9) E  
debilis (10) E yellow, or green, or purple
variegata (2) E Dwarf Bamboo with varigated white and green leaves
TERNATA (8)  E  Fragrant, white flowers from May-Jun.
Colutea - Poisonous
orientalis (6)   Copper flowers with yellow markings in summer.
arborescens (10)   Yellow, pea-like flowers in summer.
media (10)   Copper and yellow flowers in summer.
AUSTRALIS (6)  E  Sword-like leaves, creamy-white flowers
- ATROPURPUREA (5)  E  Rich bronze-purple foliage
- TORBAY DAZZLER (5)  E  Cream & green variegated leaves
CONGESTUS NANA (6")  E  Very slow growing, minute green leaves
CONSPICUUS DECORUS (3)  E  Orange-red berries in autumn, prostrate growth
CORNUBIA (10)  E  Semi-evergreen, red berries in autumn,
DAMMERI CORAL BEAUTY (1)  E  Coral-red berries in autumn, spreading habit
EXBURYENSIS (7)  E  Apricot-yellow fruit in autumn
FRANCHETII (8)   Silver-grey foliage, arching branches, red berries
HORIZONTALIS (4)   Red berries & foliage in autumn. Grows well against a wall with fan-like branches
- VARIEGATUS (4)   Variegated foliage, turning red in autumn, red berries
LACTEUS (7)  E  Vigorous grower, bunches of orange-red berries in late winter.
MICROPHYLLUS (3)  E  Prostrate growth, scarlet berries in autumn
SALICIFOLIUS FLOCUSSUS (6)  E  Scarlet berries, shiny green leaf
BATTANDIERI   Large Pineapple scented yellow flowers June-July
BURKWOODII (6)   Crimson flowers, wings edged gold
KILLINEY RED (5)   Rich red flowers with darker wings from may-Jun
LENA (4)   Ruby red & yellow flowers. Good in poor soils
PRAECOX ALBUS (6)   Long lasting white flowers produced during may
- ALL GOLD (4)   Arching sprays of yellow flowers during may
PURPUREUS (2'6")   Prostrate growth, lilac-purple flowers in may
WINDLESHAM RUBY (5)   Deep red flowers